Maria Loran, Kunstner, Akryl maler
Hi, I am Maria Loran - 41 year old, Danish, living in Fredensborg, Denmark. I am really happy you have shown interest in my paintings.
I started painting in 2001, and for many years I just painted as a hobby and overloaded family and friends with my paintings.
Then I started exhibiting and selling paintings. But the last 8 years I have not found the time to paint, as I was busy with my business as a graphic designer and I became mom to twins. Last year I decided to rent a small office and changed it into a studio - so this is now my special space where I go to express myself by painting abstract acrylic paintings with my fingers.
I wanted my paintings to express something more and therefore I began to work with combining print and abstract painting.
As a graphic designer I love when things are on line and everything is thought through... when I paint there are no rules  just feelings!
Therefore every painting is unique - telling its own story, expression and emotion.
I would like to send a great thanks to all the very talented "amateur" photographers - who so kindly share their beautiful photos on free imagebanks - making it possible for me to  create these paintings.
If you would like to see how a painting looks on your wall - take a photo of the wall and surroundings where you plan to hang the painting.
I will place the painting on your wall and send the image back to you.